Video Time

Video Time

The best solution for Video Learning in Moodle and Totara. With support for the most popular video platforms (Youtube, Vimeo) as well as media files (video and audio), a rich set of features for teachers and learners, Video Time makes it easy to integrate both recorded as well as live streaming.

Feature-rich integration for Vimeo videos. Easy to use, reports, tracking watch time, resume, fast forwarding prevention, video channels and much more!

Video Time is an activity module which makes it super easy to use Vimeo videos in Moodle and Totara courses.

Using Video Time Pro, teachers can track how much time students spend in videos and require them to watch the entire video (or parts of it) in order to complete the activity. Also comes with comfort features such as resume video, a configurable next activity, embedding Video Time videos anywhere in the site and much more!

Using Video Time Premium (formerly: Business), teachers can pick videos from a repository directly in the Video Time activity. Create beautiful video courses that look like a video channel.

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