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Make your courses engaging and visually appealing using interactive level maps.


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Learning should be fun! Turn Moodle courses into learning worlds quickly and easily. With Level Maps, your Moodle courses become fun and interactive adventures. Level Maps is a course format that goes beyond the usual format. The learning content becomes the main characters on a creative playground. Or you hide them as “Easter Eggs” and your participants may search for them. The design of the learning world and the learning content is dynamic and changes with the individual learning progress.

Stage your learning content with our innovative and award-winning course format as playful learning worlds or interactive infographics. With Level Maps, the entire course becomes a big canvas where your creativity has no boundaries. Place your course activities on the visual canvas as the main character, or hide them from the learners as easter eggs that learners have to find. The design of the learning world and the learning content is dynamic and changes with the individual learning progress. Of course, Level Maps is fully responsive and adapts to the available screen size automatically.

The setup of Level Maps is simple. First, Teachers create their course as usual. Each section in the course later corresponds to a level. On each level, activities are displayed using images that are positioned via drag & drop. Ready-to-use design packages are available, with the required images as well as a fully configured demo course (Moodle backup file). With Level Maps, you can create truly stunning courses with a huge “wow effect”, without any coding required. Of course, you can also create your own individual learning world with your own visual material.

Simple to use!

Of course, Level Maps works on the desktop as well as mobile and thus also allows learning in small units in between. The setup of Level Maps is very simple. Teachers first create their Moodle course as usual. Each section in the course corresponds to a learning world. For each learning world, the visuals are then added by drag & drop. You will find ready-to-use design packages with the required images as well as a ready-to-use demo course (as a Moodle backup). This way you can create your course in a short time with a huge “wow effect”. Of course you can also create your own individual learning world by using your own visual material…

Use Cases

  • Highly visual courses
  • Game-based learning
  • Implement gamification strategies

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Key features

Playful course entry

Create a dynamic and interactive entry point for courses, leveraging a carousel of custom level thumbnails….

Feature overview

Playful course entryfeatured
Create a dynamic and interactive entry point for courses, leveraging a carousel of custom level thumbnails.
Carousel of section thumbnails
A carousel showcases each section of the course as a distinct level, represented by custom thumbnails.
Set custom background image
Set the stage with a custom background image that frames the carousel.
Locked status indication
For courses or sections that are not immediately available to the learner, a clear lock symbol is displayed.
Displaying sections as an interactive canvasfeatured
Create a custom learning world by merging visual storytelling with interactive learning environments.
Custom background images for sections
Set the stage for each course section with a unique background image, transforming it into an interactive canvas.
Optimized learning experience with adjustable settings
Tailor the exploration experience with customizable settings.
Visual indication of section state
Enhance navigation with visual cues that indicate the status of each section – unavailable, available, or completed.
Free navigation on the canvas
Ensure a seamless and accessible learning experience across devices.
Visualize activities as interactive elementsfeatured
By bringing a creative and visual dimension to course activities, it offers a unique learning experience that is as effective as it is engaging.
Bring activities to life with images or gifs
Activities within a course can now be represented through engaging images or GIF animations.
Flexible placement on the canvas
Each visual element representing an activity can be placed anywhere on the course's interactive canvas.
Guided or explorative learning paths
Educators have the freedom to design courses that either guide learners along a predefined path or allow for explorative learning.
Visual indicators of learning progress
Progress through activities is visually indicated by changing the images or animations based on the activity's status – available, next, unavailable, completed, or active.
Support for all activity types
All activity types can be visually represented and made part of the learning adventure
Enhanced engagement through gamification
Implementing gamification concepts by incorporating visual elements and hidden "Easter eggs".
Optimized user view
An optimized user view caters to a streamlined learning journey, reducing cognitive overload and promoting better engagement with the content.
Customizable course index visibility
This functionality allows you to control the visibility of the course index, offering flexibility to adapt the course layout based on your specific needs and preferences.
Activities in popups
Enhance the user experience by enabling activities to open in modal popups instead of redirecting to new pages.
Set global standards
This feature empowers administrators to efficiently manage and customize their eLearning platforms.
Default course format settings
Administrators can establish default settings for course formats, ensuring uniformity across the platform.
Fallback images
Customize your eLearning environment by uploading individual fallback images that will be displayed by default in course sections and activities.
Maximum file sizes
Define the maximum file size for uploads, applying this standard across courses and activities.
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