Express your brand

Align your Moodle site‘s appearance with your corporate identity and thus ensure consistent brand communication. 

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Visually appealing courses

Empowering educators and content creators to break free from the confines of dull and uninspiring courses. Create visually stunning and engaging courses effortlessly, captivating learners and enhancing their learning experience.

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Prevent empty courses

Ensure a professional learning experience even if the teacher has not (yet) added any content. This is especially important if courses are created automatically, which is common at universities.

Ensure consistent courses

Streamline the course creation process with course templates that align with your organization‘s needs. This option lightens the load on educators, ensuring that every course maintains a consistent structure and layout.

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Customize course design

Give advanced teachers the ability to create a truly unique course design using custom styles (CSS), in a safe way, without affecting other courses.

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Branded communication

Ensure that all notifications sent to learners maintain a professional and branded look. This helps to enhance the communication experience and strengthen your organization‘s image.

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