Video Time


Video Time is a Moodle activity which makes it super easy to use videos from Vimeo and Youtube in a course.



The Video Time product family is a set of plugins to integrate video and audio into moodle.

  • The base activity is free to use and makes embedding videos into moodle super easy.
  • The pro add-on provides a lot of features like tracking, resume, in-activity, app support, privacy support, next activity and many more.
  • Videos can be hosted on Vimeo, Youtube, local (in your moodle course) or externally (as long as it is accessible via a link to the file)
  • Business connects moodle to Vimeo, allowing the teacher to simply choose the video from within moodle.

Video Time Feature Overview

Easy to use

Teachers can easily add a vimeo video as an activity using Video Time and add content above (description) and below (notes) the player.

Tab Interface

VIdeo Time 1.5 introduces a tab interface. Teachers can now add additional information in a separate tab.

New in Video Time 1.5

Watch Tab
Watch Tab


Watch tab with description
Watch tab with description


Narrow content on information tab
Narrow content on information tab


Wide content on information tab
Wide content on information tab


Simple to create

Just add the URL to the vimeo video and give it a name to create a Video Time activity.


Video Time 1.5 by bdecent — General settings


Easy to customise

Embed options are available to customise the player:

  • Responsive player
  • Height and width of player
  • Autoplay
  • Byline (subtitle)
  • Color (of the playbar)
  • Muted
  • Plays inline (full screen on mobile)
  • Portrait (vimeo profile image)
  • Speed (requires Vimeo Pro)
  • Title
  • Transparent (player background)


Video Time 1.5 by bdecent — Embed options



The free version can track wether a student has opened the activity.

If you need more tracking options (e.g. require the student to watch the whole video or 80% of it, check out Video Time Pro)


Video Time 1.5 by bdecent — Activity completion


Video Time meets Designer

Use Video Time in combination with Designer to create a video learning course easily.


Video Time 1.5 by bdecent — meet Designer



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