Provide efficient training

Many tedious, repetitive tasks of course creation are a thing of the past once you implement template-based course creation. Say goodbye to hours spent recreating content. Courses can now be put together quickly using pre-built templates. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to develop and test content and also ensures a consistent course structure.

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Ensure scalability

With automated and personalized notifications at critical stages of the learning process, you ensure that learners receive timely updates and reminders. These nudges boost learner engagement and progress tracking. At the same time, it helps you support growing numbers of course participants with automated communication.

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Individual training schedules

For self-paced online courses, you can set start and due dates for activities in relation to each student‘s enrolment date. Learners can progress at their own pace, improving understanding and retention while minimizing the risk of overload. Automation ensures that learners receive the content in a timed manner. Progress bars and concise completion status indicators with due dates allow learners to quickly see where they stand and what still needs to be done.

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