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We have started to work with Moodle over a decade ago. During that time, we often faced very similar challenges again and again. Instead of developing many bespoke, expensive solutions each time, we decided to bundle the best ideas into products and make them available.

About our plugins

We build plugins with the goal to work seamlessly in Moodle. We want them to feel native to the application. All of our plugins work directly within Moodle. This means that learner data never leaves your Moodle site and all sites remain fully independent.

What drives us

We are passionate about the user experience of all roles and stakeholders on a Moodle site. All of our products ultimately aim at improving the learning and teaching experience in various ways. We’re always looking for elegant, smart and flexible solutions.

Our quality standard

We work with experienced Moodle developers in order to make sure that we meet the required quality standards. We continuously work on improvements and release new features regularly. For us, it is very important to stay in touch with our customers in order to remain relevant and understand their needs. Whenever something new comes up, we review it and consider it for an upcoming release. We’re open for feature requests and funding for features.

Our contribution to making learning with Moodle better for everyone

We always make one version of our products available free of charge to the Moodle community. We see this as our contribution to the great Moodle project.


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Customer Story

Mission FutureSkills

(as part of COACHING4FUTURE)

Discovery and gamification based learning out of space

Customers: Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, Arbeitgeberverband Südwestmetall, Regionaldirektion Baden-Württemberg der Bundesagentur für Arbeit
Plugins: Level Maps, Content Designer
Target group: Students (from 14 years)

Background and task

The digital learning tool Mission FutureSkills is a component of the educational programme COACHING4FUTURE, an educational network in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 

The task was to supplement the existing programme with a digital learning tool, which would teach pupils how important digital skills are in the modern working world. In terms of content, the client had prepared 16 online learning units that included tasks on digital skills in a professional context.

The digital learning tool was intended to appeal to the target group of pupils from the 7th grade (in Germany these are pupils aged 14 and over). Therefore, the requirement for the platform was that it should have a strong playful character with lots of details to discover and of course, a cool look. The idea was to send the pupils on a digital journey of discovery to different planets. 


The client provided great illustrations on the theme of outer space with numerous elements such as aliens and space stations. The use of our levels formats turned a Moodle course into an interactive planetary learning world. Students can now move freely around the planet’s surface and come across learning units and hidden bonus levels for which badges are awarded. The design of the learning world and the learning content is dynamic and changes with the individual learning progress.

With our Content Designer activity type, it was also possible to continue the design within the learning unit. In addition to numerous design elements, learning units were also divided into individual chapters, each of which may or may not require a separate conclusion. Playful elements in the form of H5Ps have also been integrated here to suit the target group. Badges are distributed via the outro element at the end. Content Designer also makes it possible for the learning content to be opened in a modal so that the student remains on the planet to learn.

Using a skill graph, students can see at any time which areas of expertise they have already covered and what they still need to do to obtain their certificate.

The course Mission FutureSkills is explorative, interactive and full of gamification elements.

Funding features

We are in constant dialogue with our customers and many of our plugins and their features have been designed and implemented together based on an ongoing project. For you as a customer, it is often much more cost-effective to finance the additional development of a single feature for a plugin than to have an entire solution developed for your learning platform.

The advantage for you as a customer or partner?

You fund the necessary extension of the plugin and then receive the entire plugin with all existing features free of charge for an unlimited period of time.

Of course, we cannot implement every wish, but we will be happy to discuss with you whether your wish fits with our roadmap of the plugin.

Are you interested in funding a feature or a plugin?

We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Reseller Agreements

Join our partner network and offer your customers additional solutions for their learning platform with our plugins at low cost and without any lead time.

Your benefits as a partner

  • To enable you to test our plugin, you will receive the plugins once free of charge.
  • You will receive regular information from us about product updates and releases.
  • We are also happy to discuss our roadmap for the products with you.
  • We provide product trainings and sales material.

Are you interested in the Reseller Programme?

Simply request our Reseller Agreement.

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