Drive completion rates

One key challenge is to maintain high levels of completion rates. This can be boosted with automated learner reminders. By notifying learners about incomplete activities or courses that are due, learners are more likely to maintain high levels of engagement and ensure that regulatory requirements are met consistently.

Increase awareness

Increasing awareness and ensuring transparency is key. Keep teachers, coaches, and line managers up-to-date about the learning progress. Using automated notifications, deeply tied into the learning process, we foster collaboration and support among key stakeholders, ensuring that learners receive the guidance they need to thrive.

Approval workflows

With streamlined approval workflows, organizations can collect approvals from line managers, coaches, or parents, either before, during, or after a course. By automating this process, we simplify compliance management.

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Track video learning time

Due to the high popularity of video learning content (on demand and live), it is important to understand learner behavior. Using advanced tracking metrics, organizations can fine-tune their video content and set reasonable completion criteria like minimum watch time or reaching a specific time in the video. 

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Monitor video learning

Apart from tracking video learning time, we offer flexible reporting tools to monitor video learning. Gain valuable insights into how learners engage with video content, ensuring compliance with detailed analytics and data-driven decision-making.

Record of learning

Providing concise information about required learning is important to ensure that learners complete the courses that matter. With custom reports and custom dashboards, learners know exactly what they need to work on and what they completed in the past. 

Add and manage learning

Line managers often know best which courses are best suited for an employee and thus should be able to monitor and manage course enrolments. 

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