The Dash framework enables you to create data driven interfaces and reports. Choose from several data sources and several layouts to build the interfaces you need. The core of dash is a block – which means that you can add a dash almost everywhere. Dash pro lets you create dashboards which are either available for all logged-in users, a specific cohort or even completely public. You can add any block on a dashboard.

Dash is a very powerful and flexible tool – you can build so many things with it. Every active subscriber is encouraged to make use of the complimentary online session we provide. We’ll help you to get up and running in a breeze and get most out of Dash. Our roadmap for Dash is already pretty extensive, but we’re *always* open for feature requests and would love to hear your requirements. Get in touch!

Some Screenshots

Use Case

[PRO] Course Catalogue

Create as many course catalogues as you need; show only courses from a certain category or hand pick courses. Each card is completely customizable.

Use Case

[PRO] My team

Create a list of all users you are related to (e.g. where you are assigned a role in, e.g. as parent or line manager)

Configuration options


Block Settings

Give the dash a title, a width and a css class. You can also hide it when there are no results. Most important, choose the data source for the dash.


Extra content

Add a header and a footer to each dash block


[PRO] Data Sources

Each dash is built upon a data source – it defines which data will be shown.



Choose your layout: Table, Grid, Accordion, One stat with label, Two stat comparison, Timeline



Choose which information you want to show



Enable the filters you need



Limit which data is shown in your dash.

Try it yourself

We’ve built a demo site for you to test drive all features.

Show & tell

Let us show you around Dash and answer all your questions. Highly recommended.

More info

Have a look at the documentation for more details on Dash

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