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Video Time Pro

Premium integration for Vimeo videos with support for tracking, activity completion, reports, app support and much more

Pulse Pro

Improve student engagement and compliance using automated reminders, flexible completion criteria and in-email reactions.

Designer Pro

Designer Pro is the ultimate course format. Packed with features for professionals that want to create stunning courses — but...

Moodle™ Premium Plugins


The only course format you'll ever need to create stunning courses.

Learning Tools

A unified interface for learning and teaching tools to improve the experience of learners and teachers


Automate notifications and build better completion workflows to drive student engagement and compliance


Build dedicated and customised dashboards for learners, teachers, line managers and parents.


A powerful course template engine to supercharge course creation and achieve consistent course design

Video Time

Feature-rich integration for Vimeo videos. Easy to use, reports, tracking watch time, resume, fast forwarding prevention, video channels and much more!...

From our labs

Most of our plugins belong to a product family, which each has a free base and a (paid) premium version. Products that are not (yet) part of such a family belong to our labs. Most of them are free, so have a look and try them. We share them because we think they are great!

Latest news

Video Time 1.5 released

The new release of our Video Time product family brings a number of much anticipated improvements: Tab interface Interactive transcripts

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