Video Time Pro

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Video Time is a plugin for the open source learning management system moodle. It has been developed to provide better support for videos within moodle. Currently it supports all videos hosted on the very popular professional video platform vimeo, which offers free as well as very affordable plans to host video. If you use another video platform, feel free to send us a feature request and we’ll look into it.



The Video Time Pro activity enables the teacher

  • to easily embed videos from Vimeo, just by adding the url
  • to add content above and below of the video player
  • track the user’s viewing time using activity completion
  • sync the viewing percentage to the gradebook
  • insert a video directly on the course page (label mode)
  • resume the video where you left of
  • automatically load the next activity when the student completes video
  • get insights about each user’s viewing time
  • set default embed options for the plugin
  • override the instances’ embed options globally
  • app support NEW 1.3
  • privacy support NEW 1.3
  • in activity support (add video time player to other activities, like a book, a lesson or a description) NEW 1.3

Check it out on our demo site:

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Video Time Pro
From: 159,00 / year