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Premium integration for Youtube and Vimeo videos with support for tracking, activity completion, reports, app support and much more



The Video Time product family is a set of plugins to integrate video and audio into moodle.

  • The base activity is free to use and makes embedding video and audio into moodle super easy.
  • Videos can be hosted on Vimeo, Youtube, locally (in your moodle course) or externally (as long as it is accessible via a link to the file)
  • The pro add-on provides a lot of features like tracking, resume, in-activity, app support, privacy support, next activity and many more.
  • Business connects moodle to Vimeo, allowing the teacher to simply choose the video from within moodle.

Video Time Pro also includes all the features from the free version.

Video Time Pro Features


Video Time Pro tracks how long students watch a video and provides a report for it:

  • Number of views
  • Total watch time
  • Watch percentage


Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Report


Activity competion

Use the tracked data for Moodle’s activity completion system to make sure that an activity is only considered complete when the criteria are met:

  • View
  • (Passing) grade
  • Total view time
  • Watch percentage
  • Finished video


Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Advanced activity completion settings


Advanced player customisation

Use powerful embed options to adjust the player to your needs:

  • Background (no controls, autoplay, muted)
  • Do not track (privacy optimised embed)
  • Controls (disable playbar)
  • Picture-in-picture

New in Video Time 1.5 Pro

Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Advanced embed options


Global settings

Ensure consistency and simplify configuration across your Moodle site using global defaults and global forced settings.


Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Global settings


Improved watching experience

Allow students to automatically resume where they left off, configure which activity comes next and even proceed automatically to that activity once the current video is finished.


Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Advanced player settings


Prevent fast forwarding

Using Video Time Pro, you can prevent your students from skipping parts of a video.

With “prevent fast forwarding​” enabled, students can only fast forward to a point in the video that they have already watched. They can always rewind.


Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Prevent fast forwarding


Label mode

Display the video directly on the course page — with full support for tracking, resume, prevent fast forwarding etc.


Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Label mode


In-activity mode

Embed the Video Time player everywhere — in other activities like books, pages, lessons, quizzes or in a block, the front page and even the calendar!


Vidoe on assignment page
Vidoe on assignment page


Video in block
Video in block


Video in book activity
Video in book activity


Video in choice activity
Video in choice activity


Atto helper button
Atto helper button


In-activity shortcode (filter)
In-activity shortcode (filter)


1 review for Video Time Pro

  1. 5 out of 5

    btb (verified owner)

    Video Time is the plugin you need if you plan to integrate vimeo videos in any of your Moodle courses, as a regular activity, in a smooth and secure way, thanks to Vimeo privacy settings.
    Premium free version includes already a lot of useful stuff in addition to basic integration tool, like Completion Tracking, vimeo player full integration and controls management, a tab to display additional information for your video and so on.
    Pro version adds interesting components like Resume watching, more complex completion criteria (e.g. ; view time percentage..), block fast forwarding, jump automatically to next videos/activity, capacity to integrate video in several places in your courses and so on…
    I was so convinced I proposed myself to work on the missing French translation.
    And last but not least, plugin maintainer provides quick and high quality support!
    Great plugin and great maintainer !
    Benoit Ter Burg @ DiDaXo

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Video Time Pro
From: 219,00  / year