Engage immediately

Focus on immediate engagement through learner notifications and stay connected with your learners throughout their learning journey: Right from the beginning, during their course, and even at the end. This constant connection fosters a sense of involvement and support.

Individual learning paths

Create individualized learning paths with completion workflows. Craft courses that adapt and react to each learner‘s unique progress, ensuring that the content remains relevant and engaging.

Inbox microlearning

Provide bite-sized learning content directly to your learners via email, making learning even more accessible. Reactions such as ratings, approvals and marking content as complete allow users to interact directly with the content.

Related plugin: Pulse

Visual learning journey

Provide a visual learning journey through a timeline. Display a feed of recent events, such as course completions, awarded badges, or new enrollments. This feature offers a transparent and engaging overview of each learner‘s progress and achievements.

Related plugin: Dash

Interactive learning content

The best way to incorporate H5P content into your courses, enhancing engagement through interactive and immersive learning experiences.

Related plugin: Content Designer

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