See it in action

List of available demo sites

NamePurposeMoodle Version
bdecent.ioMain demo site4.3
videotime.bdecent.ioVideo Hub demo site, built with Video Time, Dash and Union4.3

How to login

  • Create your own account — all of our sites are setup for self registration. (Recommended)
  • Use the demo account — all sites have a demo user with the username “demo” and password “moodle”
  • Use a special role account — some of our sites have additional test accounts setup (e.g. for a teacher or coach) — login information is provided on the login screen

Schedule a meeting

If you have specific questions, please schedule an online meeting with us. We’re happy to show you our plugins in an online meeting, but keep in mind that some of our plugins have a ton of features, so we can only scratch the surface really, especially if you’re not already an experienced Moodler.

Please pick a day and time in the calendar below to schedule a meeting. If you can’t find a slot which works for you, contact us using our live chat, and we’ll see what we can do!

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