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Magic simplifies the sign-in and sign-up process. Inspired by modern workplace tools like slack, users can use time-limited “Magic links” to authenticate. This simplifies the sign-in process as it does not require you to remember a password, and makes it more secure at the same time. Magic sign-up (if it is enabled) creates user accounts on the fly for new users to remove any unnecessary barriers.

With Magic campaigns, admins can create multiple, highly customizable registration forms. Upon sign up, users can then be added to cohorts, several notifications can be triggered, role relationships can be created and much more. Teachers can use Magic’s quick registration to add new and existing users to their courses without access to the user management. This is very helpful for testing purposes, but also strengthens user privacy. Users added by Magic will be automatically connected to the teacher account to enable teachers to manage those accounts.

The Magic Authentication plugin for Moodle is a convenient and secure authentication plugin designed to simplify the login process for users. With the Magic Authentication plugin, users no longer need to remember and enter their usernames and passwords to access the Moodle site. Instead, they can use a magic link that is sent to their email address, providing them with direct access to the Moodle platform.

Key Features (Basic)

  1. Magic Link Authentication: Instead of traditional username and password login, users can authenticate themselves by clicking on a magic link sent to their email address. This eliminates the need for remembering and entering credentials, providing a more convenient login experience.
  2. Email-based Verification: The plugin relies on email verification to ensure the authenticity of the user. A unique magic link is sent to the user’s registered email address, serving as their authentication token.
  3. Secure Authentication: Magic links are time-limited and expire after a certain period, adding an extra layer of security. This helps to prevent unauthorized access and reduces the risk of password-related vulnerabilities.
  4. User-friendly Interface: The plugin provides a user-friendly interface on the Moodle login page, allowing users to easily request a magic link by entering their email address and clicking a designated button.
  5. Seamless Single Sign-On: Once the user clicks on the magic link and completes the authentication process, they are automatically logged in to Moodle without requiring any additional credentials. This creates a seamless single sign-on experience for users.
  6. Compatibility: The Magic Authentication plugin is designed to work with the latest versions of Moodle, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration into your Moodle environment.

Key Features (Pro)

The Magic Authentication Pro plugin is an enhanced version of the Magic Authentication plugin for Moodle. It introduces additional features that enhance the authentication and login experience for users. With this plugin, users can conveniently register by entering their email addresses. Administrators gain the ability to create and manage registration campaign, customize the login page to align with their organization’s branding, and leverage a range of customization options. These enhancements result in a smoother and more user-friendly authentication and login process within Moodle.

  1. Magic Signup: The Magic Signup feature allows users to create an account simply by entering their email addresses. Whether or not an account with the provided email address already exists, a magic link will be sent. If the account doesn’t exist, clicking on the magic link will create the user account.
  2. Magic Custom Login Page: With the Magic Custom Login Page feature, you gain full control over the login page. A separate custom login page is created, enabling you to customize its appearance and layout. You can choose to display only one input field for the email address and conditionally show additional input elements based on the entered email address and its associated authentication method.
  3. Campaign: The campaign feature allows users with the appropriate capabilities, such as site managers, to create registration forms. These forms can be customized visually, including the addition of a logo, text, and background image. You can pre-set profile information, reCAPTCHA, Payment, Redirect after form submission, Approval roles for Parent, Campaign course allows to define roles (student and their parent) and for the course Group & Grouping , define form fields, set up enrolments, and assignments, and even manage capacity within the campaign.
  4. Allow User to Use Username for Login: By enabling this feature, users have the option to enter their username instead of their email address in the login form. The plugin will determine the corresponding email address for the provided username and send the magic link to that associated email address. A global setting controls this behavior.
  5. Button Position: This feature allows you to configure the position of the “Get a magic link” button on the login page. You can choose to display the button in the normal position, below the username field, or below the password field, depending on your preference.
  6. Manually Override Expiration Time: Administrators with the appropriate capability can manually override the expiration time of a magic link. This feature is particularly useful for creating everlasting login links, such as for demo accounts or specific use cases where a longer validity period is required.
  7. Get Link via Moodle Webservice: The Magic Authentication Pro plugin provides the capability to retrieve the magic link via the Moodle web service. This feature enables integration with other systems or external applications that can programmatically fetch the magic link.
  8. Quick Registration: The Quick Registration feature facilitates a streamlined registration process by allowing users to quickly create accounts using their email addresses without the need for additional profile information. This can be useful in scenarios where minimal user information is required.
  9. Magic user accounts: The Magic User Accounts offer a convenient interface for managing users with magic authentication, with options to view and modify user information, control access, and perform essential administrative tasks. This list includes users with magic authentication enabled and authorized to access Moodle using this method.

Use Cases

  • Sub accounts
  • Simplified authentication
  • Testing courses and providing demo users
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