Connect your learners

We enable the fostering of a sense of community by implementing social learning in the onboarding process. Put learners at the center! Allow employees to connect with peers, mentors and resources to create a collaborative and supportive environment.

Monitor your team

With a Team Dashboard, line managers can monitor their team‘s learning progress in real time. By providing relevant information to supervisors, you engage them in the onboarding process, creating a supportive and efficient learning environment. Depending on the requirements of your organization, line managers can see only aggregated information or individual progress.

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Onboarding programs

Streamline onboarding programmes by providing relevant training to new members in a simple and effective way. Ensure that learners receive the right information at the right time, maximizing their understanding and commitment to learning.

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Ease of access

To make access to the learning platform as easy as possible, we offer a solution that eliminates one of the most common support cases. We provide new users with password-free authentication links. This not only simplifies the onboarding process, but also increases security and reduces frustration.

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Related plugin: Magic

Show upcoming events

Learners stay informed about upcoming training events via an intuitive display. This feature facilitates the planning of training participation and can increase participation rates. 

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