Target group specific course catalogs

Introduce tailored experiences by displaying courses that matter to your learners. This personalized approach ensures that learners can find relevant content effortlessly, eliminating clutter and streamlining the learning journey.

Enhancing user journey

Customizable dashboards cater to different audiences, ensuring that each user group can access the information and resources that align with their specific needs and goals.

Teacher‘s area

Teachers and mentors deserve their own dashboard, each! Provide relevant information for important facilitators on your site, such as an overview of their participants and mentees, including their course progress and recent activity.

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Mobile-first content

Create content that works great on mobile devices, easily. Future proof your content and avoid complicated authoring solutions so that your authors can really focus on content creation.

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Dynamic navigation

With smart menus, navigation can be tailored to the specific needs of all user groups. Provide quick access to relevant courses, resources and tools for a seamless, intuitive and efficient user experience.

Site and tenant branding

With flavors, organizations can adjust the appearance of their site for different course categories or target audiences (cohorts). This fosters identification with the learning platform for different departments or user groups sharing the same platform.

Flexible layouts 

Customize the look and feel of the platform and implement the layout that works best for you using block regions. This adaptability ensures that the platform remains visually engaging and user-friendly.

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