New webinar recording available: Interactions

Thank you to all participants in our webinar session on interactions! We discussed ways to use Moodle standard interactions and how to best integrate H5Ps into the course. We also showed how to create a virtual classroom using live (audio) chats and live polls. Furthermore, we discussed how to create automated messages and implement …

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New webinar recording available: Setting up programs

Thank you to all participants in our second webinar session on programs! We discussed how to implement microlearning in Moodle and how to create learning paths with multiple courses. If you missed the session, feel free to check out the recordings.

Thanks for your participation – webinar recording available!

Thank you to all the participants in our first Learning Experience Masterclass session!  We have learned a lot about the Moodle course format designer and its flow course type. Flow is perfect for small courses. You can use it to implement a micro learning strategy.  For those who missed the kickoff, the recordings are available here: …

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Learning Experience Masterclass – starting on July 19th

We’re already preparing our Learning Experience Masterclass webinar series kickoff. We’re having a hard time narrowing down the examples we want to show. With our designer plugin, we have so many options. The first session is about the flow format, which is great for smaller Moodle courses. This format alone can be used …

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Join our webinar series: Gamify your course

Course level: Advanced We are excited to announce the next webinar series! Are you a skilled trainer, teacher or course creator and want to make your course more gamified? We’ll introduce you to various gamification options. Moodle already has a lot to offer here on its own and there are …

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Join our webinar series: Enhance the user experience

Course level: Advanced We are excited to announce the next webinar series! The course is primarily aimed at experienced administrators who are interested in optimizing the user experience of their course. In addition to classic topics like architecture and navigation, we also have a few other tricks up our sleeves …

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Join our webinar series: Learning Experience Fundamentals

Course level: Beginner We are very excited to introduce our new webinar series today! We’ve been thinking hard about what tricks you can use to optimize the learning experience of your courses, and we’ve found a whole range of topics.The course is primarily aimed at trainers, teachers and course creators …

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