Simplify course creation with templates for teachers

Kickstart adds a powerful course template engine to Moodle – create courses easily and produce high quality courses, consistently. Building courses based on templates makes the process of course creation easier and faster. All important settings are already pre set in the templates. Centrally managed templates ensure consistency, brand conformity …

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Free set of avatars for your Moodle course

Learners are able to individualise their profile by choosing an avatar. Furthermore, avatars are a great tool to give dummy users a personality. 🎁 In our advent calendar (20th door), you will find a set of avatars that you can use free of charge for your Moodle courses.

Creating a floating grid with Level Maps

Create an interactive Moodle learning world with the Level Maps plugin. Activities become a floating grid or puzzle due to GIF animations. We provide you with all necessary assets to build this fun and engaging level in no time. 🎁 As an early Christmas gift, we provide you a free design package …

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Branding options for activities in Moodle courses

This simple trick of combining images and masks allows you to implement branding and corporate identity guidelines in a Moodle course. You can also create self-explanatory activity images quickly. Instead of searching matching pictures, just use generic images and make them individual icons or logos with masks. Examples of using …

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Meet us at MoodleMoot Italia in Florence

We are looking forward to join the MoodleMoot Italia 2023 in Florence from 14 to 16 December 2023! Our main focus will be the video integration in Moodle courses via our Video Time plugin. Talk to us if you want to know more about Video Time, other plugins or just …

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