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Course level: Advanced

We are excited to announce the next webinar series! Are you a skilled trainer, teacher or course creator and want to make your course more gamified? We’ll introduce you to various gamification options. Moodle already has a lot to offer here on its own and there are various great plugins that increase learner motivation through competition and other playful elements. We will introduce you to some of these plugins and also throw our own plugins into the ring. Especially Level Maps and Dash offer some possibilities that – combined with a good design – are really fun.

Upcoming webinar dates and more information will be available soon on Of course, you can already register for the webinar series and receive the information about new dates by e-mail. We will hold the webinar in English and in German and will offer different dates per language.

Topic overview of the course series

  • Gamification Basics
  • Badges
  • Points
  • Leaderboards
  • Levels
  • Easter eggs
  • Avatars
  • Educational games
  • Ludic courses
  • Course Dashboards
  • Learning worlds

In this course, we’ll take a closer look at some plugins, including our Level Maps and Dash plugins.

Level Maps

Stage your learning content with our innovative course format as playful learning worlds or interactive infographics. With Level Maps, the entire course becomes a big canvas where there are no limits to your creativity.


Customize the learning platform to the individual needs of your organization and your users. Flexible course catalogs and role-specific dashboards for participants, trainers, supervisors.

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