Join our webinar series: Learning Experience Fundamentals

Course level: Beginner

We are very excited to introduce our new webinar series today! We’ve been thinking hard about what tricks you can use to optimize the learning experience of your courses, and we’ve found a whole range of topics.
The course is primarily aimed at trainers, teachers and course creators who are interested in the basics of course design.

Upcoming webinar dates and more information will be available soon on Of course, you can already register for the webinar series and receive the information about new dates by e-mail. We will hold the webinar in English and in German and will offer different dates per language.

Topic overview of the course series

  • Structure of a Moodle course
  • Completion tracking
  • Mini course
  • Companion course
  • Blended Course
  • Extensive course
  • Seminar

In this course the focus is on our plugin Designer.


Our innovative Moodle award-winning course format gives you a variety of layout and design options for your courses. Choose from four course types and five section layouts to create unique courses – from minimalist mini-courses to comprehensive blended courses.

We’ll show you how to use simple tools to improve the learning experience of your course!


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