Content Designer

Content Designer

Create mobile-first, visually appearling and interactive learning content directly in Moodle. Built with instructional designer’s workflow and best practises from content management systems in mind.

With Content Designer, learning content is composed of elements that are grouped in chapters. Each element has various options to customise its appearance, for example alignment, spacing and backgrounds. Entrance and scroll animations make content more dynamic and less boring.

Not working in one editor makes it much easier to create consistent content and maintain it, even collaboratively with several subject matter experts. The separation of content, layout and style is also great for quality management and corporate design compliance.

Content Designer creates mobile-first content out of the box. In addition, teachers can configure for each element if it is hidden on desktop, tablet or mobile.

With Content Designer Pro, you can make your content interactive using H5P, and for many content types, it is possible to force students to complete an H5P before they can proceed.

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