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Course level: Expert

While we will focus more on the basics in the Learning Experience Fundamentals webinar, this course will focus on pro tricks. This is the right webinar for you if you are a skilled trainer, teacher or course creator and want to go the extra mile for the Learning Experience!

Topic overview of the course series

  • Moodle course architecture
  • Mini course
  • Companion Course
  • Blended Course
  • Comprehensive course
  • Seminar
  • Learning programs
  • Interactive learning content
  • Learning Worlds
  • Course Dashboards

Upcoming webinar dates and more information will be available on Of course, you can already register for the webinar series and receive the information about new dates by e-mail. We will hold the webinar in English and in German and therefore offer different time slots per language.

July 19, 2023

In German:
10-11 a.m.
(CEST/UTC+2 (Berlin))

In English:
2-3 p.m.
(CEST/UTC+2 (Berlin))
FlowTo kick off this webinar series, we’re going to look at Designer’s flow course type. Flow is perfect for small courses. You can use it to implement a micro learning strategy. Key topics will be understanding the flow course type, options to style each activity and best practices on how to use it.

Featured plugins: Designer, Time Management
July 26, 2023

In German:
10-11 a.m.
(CEST/UTC+2 (Berlin))

In English:
2-3 p.m.
(CEST/UTC+2 (Berlin))
ProgramDesigner lets you add sub courses to your main course, the so called prerequisites. In this webinar, we will discuss how a program is built, how prerequisites can be grouped, how enrollment works and share best practices on how to implement a program.

Featured plugins: Designer
August 2, 2023

In German:
10-11 a.m.
(CEST/UTC+2 (Berlin))

In English:
2-3 p.m.
(CEST/UTC+2 (Berlin))
InteractionsContent is key — in this webinar we talk about some of the various options that Moodle courses provide for interactions. Among others, we’ll discuss how to integrate H5P content, how to use H5P in our Content Designer plugin and what you need to do to style your H5P content.

Featured plugins: Designer, Content Designer
tbdLearning WorldsIn this webinar, we will create learning worlds from scratch and based off existing courses. To achieve great results in little time, we’ll make use of AI tools to create beautiful assets for us.

Featured plugins: Level Maps
tbdCourse DashboardsCourse dashboards provide a neat way to provide key information about a course on a dedicated page.

Featured plugins: Designer, Dash
The first dates have already been set!

In this course the focus will be on our plugins Designer, Dash, Level Maps and Content Designer.


Our innovative Moodle award-winning course format gives you a variety of layout and design options for your courses. Choose from four course types and five section layouts to create unique courses – from minimalist mini-courses to comprehensive blended courses.


Customize the learning platform to meet the unique needs of your organization and your users. Flexible course catalogs and role-specific dashboards for participants, trainers, supervisors.

Level Maps

Stage your learning content with our innovative course format as playful learning worlds or interactive infographics. With Level Maps, the entire course becomes a big canvas where your creativity knows no bounds.

Content Designer

Create engaging and interactive learning content directly in Moodle, based on content management system best practices. Designed specifically for instructional designers and collaborative content creation.

We’ll show you how to take your course learning experience to another level!


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