Free design packages for our Learning Paths widget

Free design packages for our Learning Paths widget

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With Dash 2.0 we have introduced some new features. One of them is our learning paths widget. This new Dash feature showcases completed and pending courses for each user in a visually engaging manner, akin to a pathway rather than a conventional list.

For our brand new learning path widget, we offer many free design packages for creating different learning paths.

Creating your own learning paths

Administrators can create customized learning paths from uploaded vector graphics. Once uploaded, Dash automatically distributes all selected courses along the path.

Track learning journeys through a visual learning path, illustrating which courses remain pending and which are already completed.

See also: Curved design

Enhance your learning path by adding background images that weave a narrative.

See also: Mountain design

Additionally, customize the path itself to seamlessly blend with the background and storytelling elements.

See also: Race design

Include photos and use spotlights to highlight the overall topic of your course series.

See also: Surfer design

Create entire compositions and incorporate the path as part of them.

See also: Landscape design

Integrate your own icons or logos alongside the learning path.

See also: Runner design

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