Major release: Dash 2.0

Major release: Dash 2.0

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We are thrilled to announce the release of Dash 2.0, a major upgrade to our versatile Dash block for Moodle! Dash 2.0 offers enhanced functionality and brand-new features, making it easier than ever to customize your Moodle site to meet your specific needs without the hassle of time-consuming and expensive bespoke development.

Dash 2.0 builds on the powerful capabilities of the original Dash block, offering new widgets and data sources to help you create a more dynamic and engaging Moodle experience. To maximize customization options, Dash 2.0 empowers developers to craft custom data sources and layouts.

Additionally, please note that all data sources have now been migrated to add-ons, which may have technical implications. If you require further information or assistance with this transition, we encourage you to reach out to us directly.

Live demo: Save-the-date

We will present the new features in a webinar on June 26, 2024, 2-3 pm CEST.

We look forward to your participation!

What’s new in Dash?

New widgets

Learning Path (Dash Premium)

  • Visualize users’ learning journeys with a pathway-style display.
  • Create engaging paths with uploaded vector graphics (SVG files).
  • Tailor paths for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • We provide free design packages.

➤ More about Learning paths

My Profile (from Dash Pro)

  • Showcase key performance indicators and user profile information.
  • Customize with profile pictures, full names, addresses, descriptions, and more.

➤ More about My Profile

Skill Progress

  • Visualize progress with customizable bars or donut charts
    Requires Skills premium

➤ More about Skill progress

Skill Level Visuals

  • Display skill progression through images for a clear view of proficiency levels.
    Requires Skills premium

➤ More about Skill Level Visuals

New data sources

Programs (from Dash Pro)

  • Provide comprehensive listings of available programs within the LMS.
  • Customize program displays and enable filtering by program tags for streamlined access to relevant information.
    Requires programs (free plugin)

➤ More about Programs data source

Categories (from Dash Plus)

  • Present a comprehensive list of all available course categories within the LMS.
  • Customize displayed information, highlight recent courses within each category and display course counts.

➤ More about Categories data source

Certificates (from Dash Pro)

  • Offer an overview of all course certificates available within the LMS.
  • Customize displayed details and incorporate course-related fields.
  • Create a visually appealing wall of certificates for recognition and acknowledgment.

➤ More about Certificates data source

Activities (from Dash Pro)

  • Provide an overview of available activities within the LMS.
  • Customize displayed information and include course-related fields.
  • Activate filter options for streamlined access to relevant information.
  • Curate lists of activities based on specific criteria, such as completion statuses or recommended tags.

➤ More about Activities data source

New block settings

Improved configuration options

  • Utilize new configuration options like showing or hiding titles and choosing gradients for backgrounds.

➤ More about customization options

Improved Dashboards

Access restrictions and editing

  • Benefit from enhancements in dashboard editing.
  • Restrict dashboards by role in addition to cohort restrictions, allowing for more targeted user experiences.

➤ More about dashboards

Introducing Dash Developer (Dash Premium)

Custom data sources

  • Creating SQL queries to craft bespoke data sources.
  • Design data sources with capabilities similar to built-in ones like courses and users.
  • Combine queries dynamically to fetch specific data.

Custom layouts

  • Develop custom layouts using Mustache templates.
  • Tailor data presentation to fit specific needs and preferences.
  • Function like standard layouts such as tables and timelines.

Enhanced flexibility

  • Empower developers with robust customization options.
  • Enable seamless integration of custom data sources and layouts within the Dash ecosystem.

➤ More about Dash Developer

About Dash

Dash empowers you to completely transform the layout, content, and style of your Moodle pages, including front pages and dashboards. With its robust query builder, Dash retrieves data from various sources like courses, users, completions, and site logs, displaying it in customizable layouts such as grids, sliders, and tables.

You can set up additional dashboards to meet the specific needs of your target groups and roles, giving you full control over the structure and layout of your Moodle site.

Dash provides great features that are completely free. For more functionality, we offer a Plus, Pro and Premium plan.

Use Cases

  • Mandatory Learning Overview: Display courses learners need to complete.
  • Course Catalogues: Implement filters and on-page search.
  • Teacher’s Area: Create a dedicated space for teachers.
  • Team Dashboard: Empower line managers to manage their teams.
  • Community Pages: Connect learners and enhance group interactions.
  • And many more: Customizable for various educational and training needs.

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