Welcome to our Easter warm up party!

Welcome to our Easter warm up party!

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Join our Easter course and find hidden tips and gifts around Moodle course design, learning experience and efficient course creation.

🚀 Learn how to…

… define, visualize and use site-wide skill points

… enroll users in no time via quick registration

… implement course headers full of customizable information and design

… visualize individual learning paths in user dashboards

🎁 And don’t miss out on vouchers!

To get a small taste, check out this video:

Easter warm up party

The course Easter warm up party showcases the following features:

  1. A visual learning journey (using Level Maps)
  2. Finding easter eggs (using Level Maps) *
  3. Earning skill points (using our brand new Skills plugin) *

While you can view the visual learning journey (1) using the guest account, you do need your own account to find the easter eggs (2) and earn skill points (3) — because somebody else probably already did so before you…

For this reason, we highly recommend to login with your own account.

While you collect easter points, you level up. We can’t wait to see if you make it to the “Let Easter come” level.

Let’s go! The Easter bunnies are already celebrating.

Have fun and get inspired!

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