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Background images/GIFs

Elevate the look of your activities, sections and course with custom background images or bring your courses to life by embedding GIF animations in both sections and activities.

Designer simplifies the integration of visual elements by minimizing the need for image editing. You can apply semi-transparent layers or gradients over background images to enhance text visibility directly with Designer.

We have created several demo courses in the Designer format that you can explore.

In this Designer normal course, icons were used as activity backgrounds, and the course background color as well as the header were customized. To ensure the readability of the titles, a semi-transparent black layer was applied over the background image of the activities in card format. This can be done directly with Designer.

Here, the activities were defined as circles and given background images. All activity elements were hidden to create an artistic touch, ensuring the course doesn’t look like a typical course. The section background images were coordinated, and a specific background color was set for the course.

In this example, the sections feature background images, and the activities are text links with their own background images. Since these images of people have no backgrounds, they appear to float. The ability to use cropped images as activities within courses offers extensive creative possibilities.

Animations can also be used as activity images, offering a wide range of creative possibilities.

In this example, not only were section background images used, but also handwritten images for activities. This transforms hand-lettered text and drawings into engaging activities.

Using background images for activities, Designer Flow enables you to create a visually appealing course in no time.

In this Kanban board, a background image was used for the course, and each activity was given its own background image.

Full list of features

Course typesfeatured
Designer comes with four distinct course configurations – Flow, Kanban, Normal, and Collapsible.
Ideal for concise courses with a limited number of activities.
Bring the efficiency and clarity of a Kanban board into your eLearning environment.
Offering maximum flexibility, the Normal course type allows educators to customize the appearance of course sections fully.
Building on the Normal type's flexibility, the Collapsible format adds the ability for students to expand or collapse sections.
Section overview
Providing a clear, comprehensive table of contents for all course sections – with a focus on usability and aesthetics.
Dynamic table of contents
A clickable table of contents is automatically generated for each course.
Customizable section card layout
Defining a sophisticated section card layout that incorporates numerous styling options.
Purpose-defined activity iconsnew
Set a purpose for each activity that does not have to match the activity type.
Section type labels
Enhance your section overview with the addition of section type labels.
Hero activities
Define hero activities and automatically create a secondary tab navigation with activities that are cross-relevant.
Secondary tab navigation
Automatically generates a secondary navigation tab dedicated to defined hero activities.
Customizable display settings
Complete control over where hero activities are displayed within the course.
Offering deep integration with specific Moodle activity types.
Video Time
Designer can display the status of the video progress bar directly within its interface.
Time Management
Designer displays relative start and due dates for courses and activities.
Designer showcases the learning progress of subcourse activity types.
Extended anatomy of an activity
Increase the information content of the activity and integrate activating elements.
Enhanced information display
Display detailed information for each activity, including its availability status and the number of times it has been accessed.
Customizable call to actions
Increase student interaction with activities through a call-to-action (CTA) and add "open" or "review" links to activities.
Due/overdue badges
Instantly communicate the urgency of activities with dynamic due and overdue badges.
Complete customization freedom
Providing educators with the flexibility to choose exactly which elements to display.
Section layoutsfeatured
Mix and match different section layouts and create your own individual course design.
Text links
Clean, simple and condensed. Best for large sections.
A clean and simple layout that provides generous space, making it suitable for sections with fewer activities.
Expands on the list layout by allowing more activities per row.
Choose between a vertical or horizontal circles layout for a fresh perspective on course design.
Mix and Match
Combine different section layouts within the same course, crafting a unique learning experience.
Multi-column layouts
Define the number of columns per viewport to ensure your course is fully optimized for mobile use.
Section width
Define content and container width using pixel values or full-size and boxed layouts.
Styling optionsfeatured
Transform your Moodle courses into visually compelling learning environments
Color customization
Select background and text colors for activities and sections.
Background images/GIFs
Elevate the look of your activities, sections and course with custom background images and GIF animations.
Completion visualization
Mark the completion of activities and sections with distinct images.
Creative flexibility with masks
Use masks to conceal or render parts of an image partially transparent.
Course header
Designer supports a highly customizable course header area.
Header styling options
Personalize your course header with a selection of text and background colors or images.
Course tags and custom fields
Utilize the course header to display tags for easy categorization or create custom fields.
Course progress
Show course progress as progress bar or donut.
Profiles and communication
The course header area allows to feature profiles, including options for messaging or direct contact.
Dynamic course information display
Showcase important course details such as enrollment start and end dates, due dates, and more – Requires Time Management (to display due date).
Prerequisites for programs (multi-course courses)
Add sub courses to your main course, creating a seamless learning journey.
Seamless integration of subcourses
Dynamic display and organization of subcourses as prerequisites.
Enhanced grouping and tracking
Automatic group creation for participants transitioning from the main course to subcourses.
Automated (un)enrollment
Automatically enrolling participants in relevant subcourses upon their registration in the main course.
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