Designer Pro

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Designer Pro is the ultimate course format. Packed with features for professionals that want to create stunning courses — but still super simple to use!




Designer Pro

The only course format you’ll ever need.

Choose the perfect layout for every section

Designer Pro comes with four layouts; combine them to create stunning course designs.

Circle layout

Slick and elegant design.

List layout

Clean an modern design. Ideal for small courses with linear content.

Card layout

Space saving and flexible.

Link layout

The best of both worlds of 3.10 and 3.11 — clean, slim and simple design.

Courses built with Designer Pro

Collapsible sections with activity and section design configurations

One section per page configuration with background images per section and section types

Multiple section layouts and expected completion dates

Circles and list layouts combined

Simple collapsied sections with list layout

A bit of everything 🙂

Create your own test course

See Designer Pro in action

Frequently asked questions

Which layouts are available in Designer Pro?

Designer Pro comes with the following layouts:

  • Link Layout
  • List Layout
  • Cards Layout
  • Circles Layout (pro only)

How can I customize the layout of a section?

You can set

  • the section container width: to normal, full or boxed (width in px).
  • the section content width: normal or boxed (width in px).

And you can choose the number of columns seperately for

  • desktop
  • tablet
  • mobile

How can I style a section?

You can pick a background color, image and gradient. In addition, you can choose a text color. It’s also possible to hide the section title, e.g. if you have included it in the image already or don’t need it (typically for the general section or sections that only contain an image or a quote).

How are section types defined?


Background color

Text color

Does Designer support templates?

No, but we recommend to use our Kickstart course format for that purpse. That’s what we’ve used on our labs site and it works very well.

Which design options does Designer Pro proivde for activites?

In addition to the section layouts, you can choose a  background image, a background gradient and the text color.

Can I try it out myself?

Absolutely! Here are your options:

Do you offer support?

We sure do! See our page on support here


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Designer Pro
From: 199,00  / year