Dash Pro

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What is Dash?

Dash is an interface and report builder for moodle. You can use it for various use cases, among others:

  • Display your team (all users which report to you)
  • Display the participants of the current course
  • Display the current user’s profile information, with support for custom profile fields
  • List my classmates (everybody who is in the same group)
  • List all students of a teacher (all participants of all courses where the current user has a teacher role)
  • List all participants including their picture and group
  • Create a filterable course catalogue (pro only)
  • Show features courses on the dashboard (pro only)
  • Create custom dashboards per cohort (pro only)
  • Show the progress of your team (pro only)
  • … and many more

Since Dash is a block, you can add it nearly anywhere in your moodle site. With Dash Pro, you can also create custom dashboards with as many Dashes as you like.

How to create a Dash

Here are the steps to create a new Dash:

  1. Navigate to the page where you want the Dash to be displayed (e.g. site home, my, a course or a custom dashboard when using pro)
  2. Add a new dash (block)
  3. Choose a data source in the block configuration
  4. Choose a layout and the fields, filters and conditions in the preferences of the block

In the free version, you can use the users data source and the table layout.
If you use Video Time Pro, there will be two more data sources, Video Time Stats and Video Time Sessions.
Dash Pro has additional data sources (Course, Completions, Dashboards and Site Logs) and layouts (Grid, Accordion, One Stat, Two Stats)

For Developers

Dash comprises smaller components that live inside the Dash Framework. These components are generic, decoupled, and extendable APIs. A developer can create a custom data source in code. Read more about it here


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