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Create better courses with ready-made course templates.




Kickstart helps teachers and organizations to create better courses. 

When a teacher opens a brand-new course, she/he usually only sees empty sections, and gets hardly any guidance at what to do. With Kickstart organisations can create templates which can be imported by the teacher in one click.

Templates are easy to create: create a normal moodle course with everything you want include in the template. Then, backup this course. You’ll get a .mbz file which you can then upload as course template.

Features of the pro plugin:

  • Import ready-made course templates (unlimited)
  • Add a site-wide instruction for teachers (which can be adjusted on a per course basis), explaining them how to use their new course
  • Add a site-wide instruction for students (which can be adjusted on a per course basis), explaining them what to do if the course is still empty
  • A global option to merge the template with existing content in the course (instead of deleting it before the import)
  • Course creator
  • Template access
    • Restrict by category
    • Restrict by role
    • Restrict by cohort
  • Automatic template (if only one template is available, it is automatically imported)


You can test the plugin on


We would love to know if you like it, please let us know your feedback. And: we’re always open for suggestions how to improve the plugin!

Let us know here if you need an additional feature or if you have an idea for improving the plugin.


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Kickstart Pro
From: 169,00  / year