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This design package contains SVG files to create a visual Learning Path.


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Get this free design package to create a learning path with Dash Premium.



We offer free design packages for our Learning Paths widget, that is included in our plugin Dash Premium.

Unveil users’ learning journeys visually with our Learning paths widget. This widget showcases completed and pending courses for each user in a visually engaging manner, akin to a pathway rather than a conventional list.

Completed courses are outlined in green and pending courses in blue. The part of the path that has already been completed also turns green.

Administrators can craft these paths using uploaded vector graphs (SVG files), with courses automatically distributed along the path. The creative possibilities are boundless, from simple lines to vibrant, thematic designs that narrate a story.

Moreover, administrators can tailor learning paths for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, ensuring an optimized experience across all viewports.

Additional configuration options allow administrators to include an info area, adjust the size of course images within the learning path, and define the display of start and finish elements or a details area. They can also dictate the order and limit the number of courses shown. Furthermore, data can be filtered by course categories.

How to use

  1. Install our Dash Premium plugin.
  2. Download our free design package that contains a SVG file for each viewport (desktop, tablet and mobile).
  3. Upload the SVGs in your LMS: Site administration/local plugins/Dash/General settings.
  4. Select this design when configuring your Dash block.




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