Design Package: Floating icons – coloured


This design package contains a design package with floating activity icons for the Level Maps course format.



Easy integration of animations and motion in Moodle courses with GIFs

Bring your Moodle course to life with animations in combination with the Level Maps Pro plugin. We provide you with a design package with floating icons – ready to use. By adding a customised course background, you can create a fun and engaging learning environment in your style in no time. This design package contains a set of animated generic icons per completion state, which work with many course designs.


Bonus: Miniature City

In addition to the activity files, we offer matching images for sections and thumbnails in the style of a miniature city. The activity images change depending on the learning progress. The background image also changes when an entire level is completed.

With our plugin Level Maps you can create playful and interactive learning worlds in no time.


Get inspired!

Get inspired and check out our demo course: Miniature City!

And watch this video:

Easy setup

  1. Installing Level Maps Pro plugin to use the levels format as course format.
  2. Setup your Moodle course:
Adding levels in Level Maps


Setup level backgrounds: Drag & Drop background images


Setup activities: Drag & Drop activity files from the design package “floating icons”


Setup positions on the canvas


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Design Package: Floating icons – coloured