Design Package: Advent calendar black n white


This design package contains an advent calendar design for the Designer course format, course type FLOW.


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With our plugin Designer we have created an Advent calendar with the course type Flow. Designer’s flow course type is perfect if you want to prepare a great Advent calendar in Moodle with little effort.

Get inspired and check out our demo course!


Create your own Moodle course as an Advent calendar

Create your own Advent calendar and spread Christmas cheer in your Moodle course! The setup is super easy. We provide you with the necessary images free of charge, so that you can prepare a great Christmas surprise in no time using the Designer Plugin and the Flow course type. Of course, you can also use your own designs. If you want to create an individual advent calendar, with Designer’s course type Flow you have the possibility to create mini courses with activities in square format and you have lots of styling options like using colors or images. This course format is also perfect for any other Moodle course with few activities, you can make this course visual appealing in no time.


How-to video available

Check out the video and learn how quickly you can create an Advent calendar in Moodle using the Designer Plugin and the Flow course type!



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