Pulse now published on moodle.org

Pulse now published on moodle.org



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We recently published the first public release of a new plug-in called Pulse (mod_pulse), and it has been officially approved today!

The Pulse activity enables teachers to improve student engagement and compliance.

Example uses for this plugin could include:

  • Notifying students about new content that is available to them (drip feed)
  • Reminding students about activities that are due
  • Sending personalized welcome messages for groups
  • Implementing approval workflows for teachers and parents, respectively line managers and employees
  • Building complex course workflows with alternatives, e.g. for multilingual contents (those who struggled with course completion for multilingual contents, where users can choose, will know what I’m talking about)
  • Giving teachers a simple way to decide when a student can proceed with the course
  • Creating disclaimers in a course
  • … and many more

You can get the plugin at: https://moodle.org/plugins/mod_pulse

If you just want to try it out, head over to our test site: https://labs.bdecent.de/

Our plugin roadmap can be found here: https://bdecent.de/pulse/roadmap/

If you would like to get a live demo, comment below!

There’s a paid pro version, which adds powerful features:

  • Reminders (First, second, recurring)
  • Reactions (in-email reactions, secured via tokens)
  • Reports

Feel free to post questions and suggestions below, or — as usual — to the bug tracker.

Best regards,
Stefan Scholz

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