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As the leading international trade fair and convention for digital education, Learntec 2023 brings together educators, trainers, and experts from around the globe to explore the latest trends and innovations in the field of learning technologies.

We are pleased to contribute our part again this year and will be represented with four presentations. We are looking forward to meeting many visitors and getting to know each other in person.

We will present the following topics on Tuesday, May 23:

Creating playful learning worlds with AI

Presented by Stefan Scholz (bdecent) at the Lern.Link exhibitor booth.

Using our award-winning course “Teacher’s Paradise”, we will show how playful and diverse learning in Moodle can be. Afterwards, we will show how AI can be used to transform a Moodle course into a playful learning world. This is how learning works in 2023!

1001 designs for Moodle courses

Presented by Stefan Scholz at the Lern.Link exhibitor booth.

Moodle courses can be much more than just a boring list. In this presentation we will show how versatile a Moodle course can be: small learning nuggets, classic compulsory courses, playful courses, project rooms, virtual classrooms and much more!

Moodle 4.2. – Gamification & Storytelling create learning worlds

Joint presentation with Christoph Schmidt-Martensson (Founder and Managing Director of CREATE) and Stefan Scholz (bdecent) at the CREATE exhibitor booth.

Is it cBook 360, User Experience or the use of really good plug-ins that make an OPEN SOURCE LMS like Moodle in its latest version look like Netflix? Or is it the combination of these? Find out together with the two managing directors and passionate platform developers Stefan Scholz and Christoph Schmidt-Martensson, how with a few more ideas the learning journey already starts in the learning world. From skillpathing, fullscreen course pages to intelligent SCORM packages.

Learning platform with a Netflix look and feel

Presented by Stefan Scholz (bdecent) at Lern.Link’s exhibitor booth.

Moodle is a proven, robust and very flexible learning platform with a sleek design. In this talk we will show how to transform Moodle into a learning platform with a Netflix look & feel – playful, stylish and with the user at the center.

More information can be found here.

Feel free to contact us in advance if you would like to meet us in person at the show.

Get Ready to Explore the Future of Learning!

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