Designer 1.1 Pro now available

Designer 1.1 Pro now available



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We’re thrilled to announce that Designer 1.1 Pro can now be ordered here on For those that do not know our brand new course format, here’s a quick recap:

  • Designer is a super versatile course format which is compatible with recent versions of Moodle (3.9 – 3.11). It features three different layouts for sections: list, card and link layout. Each section can have its own layout, allowing teachers to build unique layouts.
  • Each activity is displayed with the all the relevant information: activity title and icon, an expandable description and a visits counter and a unified completion badge.
  • In Designer 1.1, we’ve introduced collapsible sections. Teachers can configure the initial state (expanded, collapsed, first expanded) and turn on accordion mode. The section progress is displayed next to the section title.

Designer Pro has of course all the features of Designer Free, but comes with several great features:

  • The circles section layout — which works really great to build bespoke layouts when using labels!
  • Section types to indicate what the section is for, e.g. “Resources” or “Live Sessions” or “Assignments”
  • Section layout customisation options:
    • Section container width: full, normal, boxed
    • Section content width: normal, boxed
    • Responsive settings: columns for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Section design customisation options:
    • Background color
    • Background gradient
    • Background image
    • Text color
    • Hide section title option
  • Activity design customisation options:
    • Background image
    • Background gradient
    • Text color

We’ve created a few demo courses in our labs… but please try it out yourself and create your own course.

If you want so see what’s next or have a feature request, head over to our public roadmap!

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