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Without doubt, Moodle’s has a lot to offer when it comes to learning activities. From pages that can contain multi media content to assignments with powerful grading workflows, from highly interactive content (h5p) to easy to build feedback forms, teachers can choose from a variety of tools to create collaborative and diverse courses.

When it comes to designing a course, moodle courses do not always shine. While there are already great course formats available, for example tiles, ludic, popups or edwiser’s course format, we still think that there’s a lot of room for improvement.

That’s why we’re releasing a brand new course format called “Designer”. Designer enables teachers to choose from layouts for each single section. This opens a new world of possible layouts for moodle courses. You can even switch between layouts after you’ve created all the activities to give your course the final touch. In the first release of Designer, we’ll ship three layouts:

  • Links (similar to moodle’s default layout)
  • List
  • Cards

Even though the layouts are different, activities are displayed with the same information:

  • Title
  • Type
  • Icon
  • Description
  • Completion status
  • Completion due date
  • Visits count
  • Call to action

See for yourself:

It will be on as usual once it’s approved by the plugin guardians. We’ll update this post accordingly.

There will also be a pro version, scheduled for release in February ’22 — here’s a sneak peak of how it will look:

Above you see a course which is using Designer Pro with the following configuration

  • Course section progress is displayed (section 1 is completed)
  • The secion has a background image
  • The section has a type (“Pre Course Activities”)
  • The section is using the cards layout
  • There are actvities in various states
    • activity completion disabled (grey border left and no completion element)
    • activity that is not yet complete (border left in primary color and completion element says “Not yet completed”)
    • activity that is already complete (border left in green color and completion element says “Completed on <date>”)
    • activity is due (orange border and background, completion element says “due today” and has an exclamation mark in a triangle)
    • activity is overdue (red border and background, completion element says “overdue <duration>” and has an exclamation mark in a circle)
    • activity that is not yet available (padlock + lower opacity)

This section has uses a background image for the section header and uses list mode. Activities are layout out as a “list”, but the elements are the same, just layed out a little different.

We hope you’re as excited about it as we are! If you’re curious, have a look at our demo course or download the free version (product link at the bottom of this post). Please share your feedback with us, we really want to know what you think!

Merry Christmas to all!
(founder of bdecent)

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