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Learning Tools 1.0 now available —



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We recently released Learning Tools 1.0, a collection of handy tools for learners and teachers to improve their day-to-day experience in Moodle courses.

BookmarksCreate a bookmark to the current pageFREE1.0
NotesCreate a note for the current pageFREE1.0
Focus ModeClick to show only the content of the page (hides header, footer and sidebars)FREE1.0
ScheduleClick to create a calendar entry for the current page — “Learn later”FREE1.0
Force activityRedirect students to a specific activity until they have completed itPRO1.0
e-MailSend an email to participants of your course by role; supports attachmentsPRO1.0
InviteEnrol students into your course by e-mail. Users that do not exist will be registeredPRO1.0
ResumeClick to resume the course where you left the last timePRO1.0
InformationShow course image and summary in a modalPRO1.0
Custom stylesAdd CSS to a course locallyPRO1.0
Time ManagementAdd relative start & due dates for activities and a due date for the whole coursePROunder development
Learning Tools — The floating action button (FAB)
Learning Tools Pro — Invite users
Learning Tools Pro — Information

Learning Tools Pro — custom styles

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