Designer Release 1.5

Designer Release 1.5

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Get the most of your header area!

We are pleased to present you the Designer 1.5 release! It’s hard to believe that our Designer plugin can now do even more.

Now Designer supports a highly customisable course header area, where you can integrate lots of elements.

The last version of Designer has already supported progress bars, additional course information and the integration of profiles (e.g. teachers).

You are now able to get the most of your header area! The latest version offers the possibility to play videos directly in the header section. You can choose whether you like to show your course or section progress as a progress bar or a donut. Furthermore, it is possible to define a header background colour, text colour or even integrate a header background image.

Highly customisable course header area with Designer 1.5

Designer plugin

Our innovative Moodle award-winning course format gives you a variety of layout and design options for your courses. Choose from four course types and five section layouts to create unique courses – from minimalist mini-courses to comprehensive blended courses.

With Designer Pro there are hardly any wishes left to implement an individual design in your Moodle course. Images can be placed in activities as well as in sections, unify your visual language with transparent color layers or masks with which you can easily implement a branding or symbol language. Moving images via GIFs are possible as well as the integration of different images for activities with “completed” status.

Depending on the style, this creates a completely different learning experience. Minimalist designs are possible as well as very playful or funky designs. Get inspired and also have a look at our sample courses on

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