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Create mobile-first, visually appearling and interactive learning content directly in Moodle. Built with instructional designer’s workflow and best practises from content management systems in mind.



About Content Designer

Content Designer is a Moodle course activity which teachers can use to create mobile-first content, directly in Moodle. It is built with the workflow of instructional designers in mind, starting with a high-level concept for a learning content, and then adding content for each part of the concept. Content Designer uses a chapter structure — each chapter can contain as many elements as needed.



The following settings are available for all elements:

  • Title (for admin purposes)
  • Visibility (visible/hidden)
  • Margin (space around element)
  • Padding (space around content within element)
  • Background behind element
    • background color/gradient (above)
    • background image
    • background color/gradient (below)
  • Entrance animation
    • Type: Fade in, Slide in from left, Slide in from right
    • Duration: slow, normal, fast
    • Delay: ### milliseconds
  • Scrolling effects (horizontal)
    • Direction: to left, to right
    • Speed: 0-10
    • Viewport: bottom to top (in percentage)
  • Responsive
    • hide on desktop
    • hide on tablet
    • hide on mobile


  • Chapters are the logical structure of the content and is used to group elements.
  • Chapters define the progress within the activity, i.e. the progress bar at the top has as many increments as progress. Chapters are completed after the student clicks on the CTA at the end of the chapter.
  • Chapters have no specific settings, except that they can be hidden.
  • Chapters are “invisible” within the content (except for the progress bar), just a container


The heading element is used to create a visible structure for the content and has the following settings:

  • Text input
  • Type
    • main heading (h2)
    • subheading (h3)
  • Horizontal Alignment
    • left
    • center
    • right
  • Vertical Alignment
    • top
    • middle
    • bottom
  • Link
    • URL
    • Target


The paragraph is used for (pure) text content and has the following settings:

  • Text area
  • Horizontal Alignment
    • left
    • center
    • right
  • Vertical Alignment
    • top
    • middle
    • bottom


The last element at the end of each content designer activity, visually indicating that the activity is complete. Reaching the outro triggers the activity completion condition: “Finished content”. It has the following settings:

  • file picker (to select an image which is displayed, e.g. a checkmark)
  • primary action (button with url and text)
  • secondary action (button with url and text)



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