Moodle Plugin: Kickstart Course Wizard Pro

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Create better courses with ready made course templates, import old courses and show a beautiful fallback to students where no content has been added (yet).




Kickstart is a new course format which helps teachers and organizations to create better courses. Instead of the empty skeleton teachers usually find (and sometimes even students), this course format provides up to three course templates to make creating a course a lot easier. Admins can create templates from any course using the backup process and uploading the .mbz to the course format’s template management.
Other moodle plugins enable the course creator to use templates when creating the courses; we believe that this is already useful in many cases. However, in many organizations, the course creator is not the person who actually creates the course’s contents and structure. Therefor our plugin provides the option to choose a template not when creating the course, but when opening the already existing course with editing rights.
Features of the plugin:
  • Import ready-made course templates
  • Add a site-wide instructions for teachers (which can be adjusted on a per course basis), explaining them how to use their new course
  • Add a site-wide instructions for students (which can be adjusted on a per course basis), explaining them what to do if the course is still empty
  • [PRO] Unlimited course templates
  • [PRO] Migrate content from other courses
  • [PRO] Add a beautiful fallback for students while the teacher has not yet added any content, including the course image, title, description and a gallery of the staff of the course.
You can test the plugin on
We’ve created several a number of courses which are automatically reset hourly so you can actually test the usage of templates. They can be found here: (use teacher/moodle to login) .
We would love to know if you like it, please let us know your feedback. And: we’re always open for suggestions how to improve the plugin!



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