Video Time Business

The best version of Video Time — includes all features of the pro version plus direct integration with your Vimeo account

499,00  / year



The Video Time product family is a set of plugins to integrate Vimeo videos into moodle.

  • The base activity is free to use and makes embedding videos into moodle super easy.
  • The pro add-on provides a lot of features like tracking, resume, in-activity, app support, privacy support, next activity and many more.
  • Business connects moodle to Vimeo, allowing the teacher to simply choose the video from within moodle.

Video Time Business also includes all the features from the free version and the pro version!

Feature overview​

Video Channels

Video Time Business’s preview mode allows teachers to build great video-based courses in moodle, looking very similar to video channels on popular video platforms like Youtube.

Preview mode displays each Video Time activity with:

  • Preview image
  • Video Title
  • Video Description (trimmed; long descriptions displayed in modal)
  • Video Tags
  • Duration of the video
  • Viewed duration (progress bar)

Video Repository

Video Time Business provides a direct integration — it connects your moodle site to your vimeo account.

Filter videos by albums and tags

Albums (showcases) and tags can be used to find the right video fast and easy, even in large video collections.

Preview a video

Teachers can preview a video directly in the video repository.

Only two steps to add a video

Teachers simply choose a video from your vimeo account and click save because information stored in vimeo can be pulled directly into the Video Time activity:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Duration

Pull metadata from vimeo manually

Teachers can also simply enter the Video’s URL and click “Pull metadata from Vimeo” — it works for any video on vimeo that can be embedded.

Video usage

Ever wondered how often a video is used on your Moodle site? The video repository lists all Video Time activities that use the same video — with a link to the activity.

Interactive transcript

Global search

Video Time Business makes the captions and subtitles from your videos available for Moodle’s global search, as time based results. This effectively allows for full-text video seraching!

Enhanced report

See the total video time on the report page in the top right corner. The report now follows the global site configuration and displays all columns enabled in the useridentity setting.


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