Design Challenge: Create an amazing course with Designer

Creating courses in Moodle is arguably one of the most important tasks a course designer respectively teacher has to do. And while Moodle provides a massive toolkit to do so, making it visually appealing is not as easy as it should be.

We’ve built Designer to change this fundametally. Our mission is to enable any teacher to create a course that looks and feels great.

The first weeks after launching version 1.0 have been amazing for us, feedback is super positive and we’re very thankful for all the ideas, feature requests we’ve received from customers, partners and the whole Moodle community.

Today, we are launching a design challenge: We’re challenging you to create an amazing course in Designer. Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Sign up for an user account on (unless you already have one)
  2. Add a new course in the category “Designer Challenge”
  3. Create something amazing
  4. Enrol the user “bd jury” as student and send him a welcome message.

We’ll review your course within 3 working days.

The best entry of the month will get a free license for one of our pro products.

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