Designer 1.0 — test our new course format now!

Without doubt, Moodle’s has a lot to offer when it comes to learning activities. From pages that can contain multi media content to assignments with powerful grading workflows, from highly interactive content (h5p) to easy to build feedback forms, teachers can choose from a variety of tools to create collaborative and diverse courses.

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Learning Tools 1.0 now available —

We recently released Learning Tools 1.0, a collection of handy tools for learners and teachers to improve their day-to-day experience in Moodle courses. Bookmarks Create a bookmark to the current page FREE 1.0 Notes Create a note for the current page FREE 1.0 Focus Mode Click to show only the content of the page (hides header, footer and sidebars) FREE 1.0 Schedule Click to create a calendar entry for the current page — “Learn later” FREE 1.0 Force activity Redirect students to a specific activity until they have completed it PRO 1.0 e-Mail Send an email to participants of your course by role; supports attachments PRO 1.0 Invite Enrol students into your course by e-mail. Users that do not exist will be registered PRO 1.0 Resume Click to resume the course where you left the last time PRO 1.0 Information Show course image and summary in a modal PRO 1.0 …

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