Video Time 1.5 released

The new release of our Video Time product family brings a number of much anticipated improvements: Tab interface Interactive transcripts Support for subtitles and captions in global search Do not track support for enhanced privacy We’ve also improved the overall code quality, updated all libraries and used APIs to the latest version and implemented a modular architecture for more tab types.

Create a kanban board with Designer 1.2

We’ve recently released our new course format Designer and feedback was super positive, which we are very grateful for! Today, I want to give you a sneak peak at one of the features we’re working on at the moment: Kanban board. Moodle courses are not only great for learning, they can be used for many other usecases. Probably the most popular one so far is a “community”. Using the course as a container for one or several forum activities, a course can essentially bring together employees, students and project teams to discuss anything and everything. relies heavily on this, and it works great! There’s one more use case which we think makes a lot of sense: courses as projects. In core Moodle, roles can already be renamed locally in a course, so the non-editing teacher could become a “project mentor”, students can become “project members” and the teacher the …

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Learning Tools 1.0 is now officially approved on

Our latest plugin Learning Tools is now officially approved and available in the plugin directory. We have built Learning Tools as the foundation for all the little (or not so little) things that students and teachers are missing in moodle courses. Inspired by many great apps, and Google’s material design system, all tools can be accessed using the floating action button (the so called fab). It’s simple, intuitive, a well-know interface element and perfect to provide context-based tools all around Moodle. In the first release the following tools are included: Bookmarks Create a bookmark to the current page Notes Create a note for the current page Focus Mode Click to show only the content of the page (hides header, footer and sidebars) Schedule Click to create a calendar entry for the current page — “Learn later” If you haven’t done so already, give it a try on our demo site …

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