Polygon Design Package for Level Maps now available — get your free copy now!

Our brand new course format “Level Maps” is all about images. Which is why we decided to not only develop a plugin like we ususally do, but also create the images that are needed to create a great learning world. While the “Standard Design Package” which ships with Level Maps Pro is already a great start, we did not want to stop there. Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re releasing another Design Package, for free. It is called “Polygon” and has a totally different look and feel. We have decided to go abstract, in order to showcase how versatile the course format is. Look for yourself: … or try it out for yourself on labs.bdecent.de

Level Maps Pro 1.0 Product Release

Improving the learning experience was always important for us. That’s why we have already created the Designer course format — letting teachers customize the look and feel of a course tremendously. We are very happy about how Designer and Designer Pro have been received by Moodle HQ and the community and of course by our customers, but we did not want to stop there. That’s why today, we’re announcing a whole new era of course design. With our latest course format “Level Maps“, teachers can gamify their courses. A course using level maps is literally another world. With Level Maps, learning can be fun! It lets you turn Moodle courses into learning worlds quickly and easily. It becomes a visual learning pathway, with the activities layed out as objects in the learning world — or hidden as “Easter Eggs”. But need to take our word for it, look for yourself: …

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We won! Level maps-powered course wins 2nd price in moodle competition

When Moodle HQ’s Moodle Community Engagement Lead Aurélie Soulier announced, that Moodle would host a “little” competition for the community to share their Moodle love, asking to “show us a Moodle course design that you love”, we knew that we had to participate with our latest project, “Teacher’s Paradise”. The course had been in the making already for a while and uses our brand new level maps course format which will be released very shortly! With teacher’s paradise, we want to help teachers around the world to create more engaging courses, for free. The public sign-up will open soon and we’ll make an announcement for it here in the news section. Here’s a sneak peak: Because we had already put so much time and energy into it, we’re thriled to announce that we’ve won the 2nd price as “runner-up” of the Share your Moodle love 🧡🎓 competition on 14th February …

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