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Video Time Pro tracks how long students watch a video and provides a report for it:

  • Number of views
  • Total watch time
  • Watch percentage
Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Report

Activity competion

Use the tracked data for Moodle’s activity completion system to make sure that an activity is only considered complete when the criteria are met:

  • View
  • (Passing) grade
  • Total view time
  • Watch percentage
  • Finished video
Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Advanced activity completion settings

Advanced player customisation

Use powerful embed options to adjust the player to your needs:

  • Background (no controls, autoplay, muted)
  • Do not track (privacy optimised embed)
  • Controls (disable playbar)
  • Picture-in-picture

New in Video Time 1.5 Pro

Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Advanced embed options

Global settings

Ensure consistency and simplify configuration across your Moodle site using global defaults and global forced settings.

Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Global settings

Improved watching experience

Allow students to automatically resume where they left off, configure which activity comes next and even proceed automatically to that activity once the current video is finished.

Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Advanced player settings

Prevent fast forwarding

Using Video Time Pro, you can prevent your students from skipping parts of a video.

With “prevent fast forwarding​” enabled, students can only fast forward to a point in the video that they have already watched. They can always rewind.

Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Prevent fast forwarding

Label mode

Display the video directly on the course page — with full support for tracking, resume, prevent fast forwarding etc.

Video Time Pro 1.5 by bdecent — Label mode

In-activity mode

Embed the Video Time player everywhere — in other activities like books, pages, lessons, quizzes or in a block, the front page and even the calendar!

Vidoe on assignment page
Vidoe on assignment page
Video in block
Video in block
Video in book activity
Video in book activity
Video in choice activity
Video in choice activity
Atto helper button
Atto helper button
In-activity shortcode (filter)
In-activity shortcode (filter)

Full list of features

The Video Time product family is a set of plugins to integrate video and audio into moodle.
Moodle course activityCORE
Add videos easily into your courses
Native Vimeo playerCORE
Natively supports the Vimeo player
Video JS playerCORE
Also supports most other videos, both locally stored in Moodle and externally using the Video JS player
Global configurationCORE
Setup global defaults for all settings of the activity
Forced settingsCORE
Maintain consistency by enforcing settings across your site
Additional contentINTERFACE
Add content above and below the video time player (header & footer)
Global search supportINTERFACE
Search for title and description using Moodle’s global search
Mobile app supportINTERFACE
Video can be watched (online) in the Moodle app
Resume videoINTERFACE
Remembers the position in the video where the user has left and automatically resume from there
Binge watchingINTERFACE
Automatically proceed to the next activity when the current video is finished
Next activity buttonINTERFACE
Displays a button to proceed to the recommended next activity
Star ratingsINTERFACE
Rating videos (and all other content)
In-activity modeINTERFACE
Embed videos in other parts of Moodle, e.g. another activity or a block (using a filter)
Display video player on course page
Display video thumbnail on course page
Video Time meets Designer
Use Video Time in combination with Designer to create a video learning course easily.
Display important information side-by-side with the video
Display video and content side-by-side; resize the video size depending on your needs
Watch tabTABS
Only the video player is visible (100% width)
Information tabTABS
Add static content, for example information about the speaker
Blocks tabTABS
Add Moodle blocks, for example the comments block
Chat tabTABS
Enable users to chat in real time (powered by Deft)
Related activities tabTABS
Display other activities from the same section
Chapters tabTABS
Automatically display the chapters from Vimeo videos
Transcript tabTABS
Display the captions from Vimeo videos as an interactive transcript
Track how students watch video content
Track watch timeTRACKING & REPORTING
Track how long a user spent in a video in total
Track watch percentageTRACKING & REPORTING
Track how far into a video a user has watched
Track current timeTRACKING & REPORTING
Track at which time the user currently is
Gradebook supportTRACKING & REPORTING
Synchronize the watch percentage into Moodle’s gradebook
Prevent fast forwardingTRACKING & REPORTING
Avoid that users skip parts of the video
Tracking interval selectorTRACKING & REPORTING
Configure how often tracking occurs (5s, 60s, 5m, longer intervals recommended for live events)
Privacy providerTRACKING & REPORTING
Support Moodle’s privacy provider
Course (activity) reportTRACKING & REPORTING
Report views, watch time and percentage to teachers in the course
Report builder supportTRACKING & REPORTING
Create custom reports for various scenarios
Flexible completin conditions to ensure the desired watch behaviour
Activity is completed if the student has started the player once
Activity is completed if the student has spent the configured time in the video (e.g. 10min)
Require watch percentageCOMPLETION CONDITIONS
Activity is completed if the student has reached the configured position in the video (e.g. 80%)
Require finished videoCOMPLETION CONDITIONS
Activity is compelted if the student has reached the end of the video (same as percentage = 100%)
Activity is compelted if the student has achieved the (passing) grade
Manage your videos directly within Moodle.
System level API authenticationVIDEO MANAGEMENT
Connect to Vimeo’s api using a system account user
Metadata synchronisationVIDEO MANAGEMENT
Synchronize the videos from Vimeo to Moodle, with title, description, tags, albums, preview image etc.
Video repositoryVIDEO MANAGEMENT
Allow teachers to see videos from Vimeo within Moodle and use them in their courses
Video embedding overviewVIDEO MANAGEMENT
Preview a video before using it in a video time activity
Multiple accountsVIDEO MANAGEMENT
Each teacher authorizes their own account (instead of the whole platform using the system account)
Teachers see only videos from folders that they have access to
Teachers only see videos they own
VIDEO HUB powered by Dash
Video ChannelsVIDEO HUB powered by Dash
Display videos by tag or course anywhere on your Moodle site, e.g. the front page or a custom dashboard
Sharing videosVIDEO HUB powered by Dash
Allow any user on your site to share videos with other users (requires additional setup)
Community based supportSUPPORT & ONBOARDING
Ask questions in the forums
Access a dedicated support system and get help from the support team
Initial setup and configuration, staff training and knowledge (best practise) transfer
Dedicated support agent, contact via e-Mail or in online sessions
Can be agreed
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