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Create standardized templates

Kickstart Basic: up to 4 templates

Kickstart Premium: unlimited number of templates

Establish a cohesive and branded learning environment with standardized course templates. Create a library of templates that reflect your organization’s educational standards and aesthetic, ensuring a uniform student experience. With Kickstart basic you can create up to four course templates, while you can create unlimited course templates with Kickstart Pro.

Crafting a new template is as simple as creating a Moodle course. Include all desired elements, back up the course to obtain a .mbz file, and upload it to your template library. This process democratizes template creation, allowing for customization and innovation within a structured framework.

Full list of features

Template managementfeatured
Establish a cohesive and branded learning environment with standardized course templates.
Create standardized templates
Up to 4 templates (basic), unlimited (pro)
Guided usage with descriptions and tags
Each template can be accompanied by descriptive guides and tagged appropriately.
Preview URL per template
Offering preview URLs for templates allows instructors to visualize the course layout and design before selection.
Automatic template application
For ultimate efficiency, administrators can set certain templates to be applied automatically to new courses.
Instructions for empty coursesfeatured
Administrators can set up site-wide default instructions that are automatically displayed in any course that is not fully developed.
Site-wide instructions
Site-wide default instructions that are automatically displayed in any course that is not fully developed (customizable on a per-course basis).
Fallback for empty courses for students
Instead of presenting students with an uninviting list of empty topics, this feature allows for a more engaging layout.
Call-to-actions for teachers
Teachers can be greeted with a clear call-to-action, encouraging them to complete the setup of the course.
Automatic display of teacher contact details
To facilitate communication and support, the feature automatically displays the contact details of the assigned teacher(s) for the course.
Reuse of existing content
Providing educators with the tools they need to efficiently reuse existing materials.
Comfortable import of content
All previously created content is serving as a repository for reuse and as a source of inspiration for course creators.
Clever search
Refinement of search results through successive, refined search queries.
Template access restrictionfeatured
By controlling access to templates, you ensure that only authorized users can deploy specific course designs and structures.
Restrict by roles
Specify which roles within the Moodle system can access certain templates.
Restrict by cohorts
Tailor template accessibility to specific cohorts, which are global groups designed to cluster related users logically.
Restrict by categories
Control template use within specific course categories or across entire categories, including their subcategories.
Combining restrictions
For ultimate control, combine restrictions across cohorts, categories, and roles to fine-tune template accessibility.
Course creator
Simplifying the steps involved in creating a course, eliminating the complexity traditionally associated with course settings and configurations.
Quick course setup
Teachers can initiate the creation of a new course within seconds.
Simplified and guided course creation
The Course Creator tool is designed to make the process of creating a new course as straightforward as possible.
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