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Course certificates

The course certificates datasource provides administrators with a comprehensive overview of all course certificates available within the LMS, offering versatile customization options to tailor the displayed information. Upon selecting this category, admins can enable or disable specific data fields related to “Course certificates,” as well as relevant superordinate data fields including “course,” “course completion,” “course category,” and “users.”

For instance, administrators have the flexibility to choose which details to showcase, such as the certificate template name, certificate expiry date, or options for viewing and downloading certificates. Additionally, administrators can incorporate course-related fields, including the full course name, course image, course status, and detailed information about course completion and users, enhancing the depth of insights provided.

Moreover, admins can refine the data presentation based on various conditions, such as the current course, logged-in users, grid size, promotion, or CSS classes, enabling targeted and contextually relevant displays.

For example, with these options, admins can:

  • Create a visually appealing wall of certificates for a line manager’s team, facilitating recognition and acknowledgment of achievements.
  • Generate an extensive overview of all certificates across the site or within a specific category for students, streamlining access to certification information and enhancing user experience.

This feature requires the free plugin Workplace course certificate.

Data Fields


  • Certificate template name
  • Code
  • Code linked
  • Date issued
  • Expiry date
  • Status
  • Download certificate
  • View certificate


  • First name
  • Last name
  • Full name
  • Full name linked
  • Email address
  • Username
  • ID number
  • City/town
  • Country
  • Last login
  • Department
  • Institution
  • Address
  • Alternate name
  • First access
  • Description
  • User picture URL
  • User picture
  • User picture (linked to profile)
  • User profile URL
  • User profile link
  • Message URL
  • Message
  • Group
  • <custom fields>


  • Short name
  • Full name
  • Course start date
  • ID number
  • Summary
  • Course URL
  • Course button
  • Course image URL
  • Course image
  • Course image link
  • Format
  • Enable completion tracking
  • Course tags
  • Total activities
  • Users completed
  • Users not completed
  • Status
  • Enrollment options
  • Smart course button
  • <custom fields>

Course category

  • Category name
  • Category URL

Course completion

  • Total activities (completion relevant)
  • Completed activities
  • Course completed
  • Date completed
  • Progress (completed / total activities)
  • Progress bar (completed / total activities)


  • Current course
  • Course categories
  • Logged in user
  • Users I manage

Full list of features

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Curating tailored course lists.
Course categoriesnew
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Course certificatesnew
Generate visually appealing walls of certificates – Requires Workplace course certificates (free plugin).
Creating detailed badge walls.
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Tracking completion of critical courses for compliance dashboards.
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Create a news feed highlighting recent actions.
Present all available dashboards to users for easy access and navigation.
Create detailed overviews of activities used in specific courses or categories.
Create an intuitive interface for students to explore and select programs – Requires programs (free plugin).
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Ideal for visualizing events over time, particularly when paired with the site logs data source.
Ready-to-use widgets, meticulously crafted to showcase targeted information for defined use cases.
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Course enrollments
Elegant accordion layout with a dynamic color scheme indicating completed sections and activities.
My profilenew
Designed to showcase user-related KPIs.
Competency graph
Radar graph, designed to encapsulate aggregated insights into competency frameworks.
Learning pathsnew
Showcases completed and pending courses for each user in a visually appealing path. – Free Design Packages available
Empowering developers to craft custom data sources and layouts.
Custom data sourcesnew
Creating SQL queries to craft bespoke data sources.
Custom layoutsnew
The Mustache template serves as the framework for defining the layout structure.
Integration with Dash Blocknew
Tailor-made data sources and layouts seamlessly integrate with Moodle's Block Dash feature.
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