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Subtract fixed number of points

In scenarios where reducing a skill level or points is part of the learning process (e.g., to simulate penalties or challenges), this feature enables educators to deduct a fixed number of points from the earner’s skill tally upon course completion.

Full list of features

Global administration
A global setup to ensure consistency and ease-of-use for teachers in courses.
Manage skills
Create and edit the skills you need
Configure skill levels
For each skill, multiple proficiency levels can be established, starting from level 0.
Assign colors and images
Use colors and images to make skills and levels visually distinct and engaging.
Archive skills
This function enables the temporary removal or archiving of skills.
Skills on user profile
See detailed skill status on user profile.
See earned skills per skill
Learners can view a detailed list of skills they have acquired.
See required points to complete skill
Displaying the points needed to achieve the next level.
Compare skill points with other users
Learners can compare their progress and points earned with those of their peers.
See skills a user works on
This allows learners and educators to see at a glance which skills are currently being focused on.
Awarding skills for coursesfeatured
Reward users for completing courses.
Force a skill level
Set a skill level upon completing the course, regardless of starting points.
Set a skill level
Users grant the points required to reach the specified level.
Subtract fixed number of points
Upon course completion, a certain number of points will be deducted.
Add fixed number of points
Upon course completion, award the specified number of skill points.
Awarding skills for activitiesfeatured
Link skill acquisition directly to activity completion and performance.
Set points based on activity grade
Adds skill points proportional to the grade achieved in an activity.
Force a skill level
Upon completion of an activity, learners reach a predetermined skill level.
Set a skill level
Designate a target skill level for activity completion.
Subtract fixed number of points
Deduct points upon activity completion.
Add fixed number of points
Upon course module completion, award the specified number of skill points.
A versatile report source for Moodle's report builder.
Skill usage in courses
Obtain a clear view of how and where specific skills are integrated within courses.
Skill configuration (global & course)
Access reports detailing the global and course-specific settings for skills.
Activity completion status overview
Gain a comprehensive overview of activity completion rates across courses.
User skills overview
Detailed reports on individual learners showcase the skills they have acquired and more.
Skill statistics
Aggregate data presents how often specific skills are being targeted across courses.
Course path integrationfeatured
Setting availability conditions based on skill levels and skill points.
Restrict activity based on level
Control access to individual activities by setting prerequisites based on skill levels.
Restrict section based on level
Allowing for entire sections of a course to be gated behind skill level prerequisites.
Restrict activity based on skill points
Customize access to activities based on the number of skill points a learner has accumulated.
Restrict section based on skill points
Learners need to accumulate a certain amount of skill points to unlock sections.
Three great widgets to visualize your learner‘s progress – Requires Dash.
My profile block (with Skill KPIs)
This block displays a comprehensive overview of a user’s skill achievements directly on their profile – Requires Dash Pro.
Skill level visuals block
Displaying of skill level visuals in any block region.
Skill progress block
Progress bar or a donut chart to visually represent skill points.
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