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Choose background colors or images to set the tone and atmosphere of your learning units.

Define background images or colors for your content.

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Robust content editorfeatured
Tailored for instructional designers, supporting collaborative content creation.
Built for micro learning
Content delivery, structure, and design are optimized for delivering small learning modules.
Multimodal learning
Engage with content through a combination of text, images, videos, interactive H5P elements and more.
Collaborative editing
Multiple users can work together on creating or modifying content within a shared environment.
Chapter structure
Dividing the learning material into distinct chapters, containing related content elements.
Manage chapters and elements
Users can create, edit, and delete chapters as well as content elements.
Change order of chapters and elements
Easily rearrange the sequence of chapters and elements within an activity.
Show/hide chapters and elements
Display or hide specific chapters or elements.
Element types
With a variety of element types, users can customize their content to suit their instructional needs.
Structure your content effectively with headings, ensuring clarity and organization.
Maintain consistent formatting and prevent unintended styling with paragraph elements.
Rich text
Enjoy the flexibility of the rich text editor to format text, insert media like images, GIFs, and videos.
Add an outro element, where you can include images or deliver motivational messages.
Seamlessly integrate interactive H5P elements directly into your chapters.
Customize the look and feel to create engaging learning experiences.
Define alignments for headings to maintain consistency and readability.
Bring your content to life with entrance animations.
Choose background colors or images.
Responsive settings
Optimize content display for different devices.
Scrolling effects
Control when elements appear based on scrolling.
Supports Popups
Display content in popups within Popup Activities, Level Maps, and Designer.
Global styling settings
Styling globally to match the organization’s branding guidelines.
Tracking and completion requirementsfeatured
Track learners' progress through courses and enforce completion requirements.
Completion tracking
Monitor learner progress through courses using completion tracking.
Progress bar
Display a progress bar to indicate completion status.
Mandatory H5Ps
Require completion of H5P activities before learners can proceed.
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