Credit Enrolment for Moodle

While there are existing solutions to sell courses in moodle, they only cover the requirements to a certain extent: Some of the solutions (e.g. the PayPal and Stripe extensions) work great when courses are sold to individuals. Other solutions (e.g. integrations with courseware, woocommerce etc.) are much more feature rich and provide the full e-commerce experience, including seo, many billing options, invoicing, discounts etc. However, the implementation, maintenance and running cost of such a solution is a lot higher.

Our solution targets medium sized companies who want to sell their courses to business clients (instead of individuals) by introducing a very simple credit system. Business clients can buy a certain number of credits using the existing payment/invoicing processes already in place at all customers (not within moodle). These credits can be assigned to users in moodle (manually or via upload) and then used to “buy” courses. Thus, implementation is basically done in minutes.

Credit enrolment is built as a lightweight enrolment plugin and will be available for free on shortly (once approved) including the following features (contact us if you need it earlier):

  • store credits in the user’s profile
  • assign a price (=number of credits required) for a course
  • enrol into the course by deducting the required credits from the user who enrols (only if enough credits are available)
Example configurations can be seen on
The enrolment plugin’s instance settings page.
The enrolment plugin’s global setting page.

Have a look at our demo course on

Based on the same idea, we also provide a paid version of the plugin for a different usage scenario. With XP enrolment, users can use experience points (XP) collected using the popular Level Up Plugin to buy courses. In addition to the motivational effect of gamification, you can now incentivise users for their efforts (=XP) by allowing them to enrol respectively “buy” additional courses using their XP. The features of this plugin are:

  • use your Level Up Experience Points as currency
  • assign a price (=number of experience points required) for a course
  • enrol into the course by deducting the required experience points from the user who enrols

This plugin will be available shortly on

We are currently preparing the development of a professional version with additional enterprise features. If you are interested in certain features, please let us know.